Frequently Asked Questions

What will I have to do?

There are three ways you can choose to participate.  You may also choose to do a combination or all three.

  • Online Survey
    The survey is just a series of questions about your asthma and how you use technology. This can be completed online.
  • Short Workbook
    Our 6 page workbook is filled out on paper. We mail it to you and ask that you send it back when your done (either in a stamped envelope we provide, or by emailing us pictures of each page.)  As a thank you, we provide a free movie ticket voucher.
  • Focus Group
    We'll be holding a design session (or two) where, together with a group of young people and a couple of facilitators, we'll give you materials like paper, markers, sticky tape, video game magazines, prototyping tools, etc. and you'll use them in a number of different ways to share your ideas about what would make a good health app in your opinion and based on your lifestyle. (We will also provide an open snack and drinks table during sessions, as we know fuel is essential). It should be a lot of fun.  To help compensate for your time and travel to the workshops, we provide you with a $50 Coles/Myer gift card.


Do I need design talent or experience?

Nope, none at all.  We're not looking for artists, just people willing to share ideas.


Who is running the project? Who will I be helping? 


The project is being run by the University of Sydney. Specifically, the Faculty of Pharmacy, The Woolcock Institute and the Faculty of Engineering are working together to build and then test this app.  The project has been funded by Asthma Australia.  In the end, you'll be helping us create an app that actually works for young people, and therefore, you'll be helping all the young people that end up using it.  That's bound to give you some warm and fuzzies. 


Why are you asking for help with designing an app?

Sure, there are professional designers out there (in fact, we have a few on our team) but only young people with asthma have expertise about what it's like for them in the modern world. Only you know how you use technology, what works for you realistically, and what doesn't.  We could make a lot of guesses, but we might get it wrong. That's why we want you to give it to us straight and give your input on what would actually work.  Then our designers will turn those ideas into real-world technology.


If I sign up to take part, can I change my mind later?

Of course! You can change your mind and opt out at any time without any explanation required.  Just send us an email to let us know you can no longer participate.

What if I still have more questions?

Send them our way! Don't hesitate to send any questions to